Pani Puri Wala Did Susu In Serving Vessel. Every Pani Puri Lover Should Watch This Video

I am positive most of you reading this text square measure Pani Puri lovers. eight out of ten folks square measure Pani puri addicts and it’s not a figure of speech. this stuff is enjoyed on condition that they’re sanitary and served well.

No one would relish Pani puri created in unsanitary conditions, agree? simply style isn’t important; however it’s ready holds equal importance. Most of the folks don’t listen to the hygiene issue, however when looking at the video below, views are modified.

This video that we tend to square measure attending to show you is from the year 2011, however even currently, we tend to desire regurgitation after we watch it. In this, a panipuri vendor from Thane is caught urinating within the panipuri vessel and it’s YUCK.

This revolting act was caught on camera and in no time, it attracted ire from netizens. Imagine however unwell somebody can become on ingestion from such an area. This video was forwarded to MNS activists and that they had taken strict action.

Even now, there square measure several bootleg shops United Nations agency aren’t in the least disquieted regarding hygiene. This panipuri wala Rajdev Lakhan Chauhan ran this stall in Thane (Naupada) and used identical vessel for urinating in addition as serving the purchasers.

Ankita Rane had caught this act on camera and then, he was inactive. Watch the video right away;

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