Polland lady Divorces Husband To Marry Her Facebook Lover In Bharat. browse Full Story

Love sees no bars and limits. It’s there for you once you least expect it and takes your life on a roller coaster ride. keep in mind that dialogue in Ram Leela? – “Bada badtameez, besharam, khudgarz hota hai magar pyaar toh aisa hi hota hai”
Jalandhar (Punjab) primarily based Shyam’s partner died some years back. Love knocked his door once more – now through social media web site Facebook.

Shyam United Nations agency could be a father of 10-year-old lady accustomed chat with Polland primarily based Evona on Facebook and shortly they fell smitten.

Surprisingly, Evona was additionally a partner associate degreed mother of an 18-year-old boy.

To marry Shyam, she unmarried her 1st husband and came in Asian nation. the wedding proposal was additionally created by Evona herself and she or he convinced Shyam United Nations agency was reluctant initially.
Shyam and Evona married one another on twenty third February within the village Gurudwara with the blessings of family. Yes, neither Shyam nor Evona’s youngsters have a tangle with their wedding.


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