This restaurant Is Serving A Special Rs 2 Lakhs Burger For Couples Celebrating Valentines Day

Who doesn’t sort of a burger? And once it comes with cheese, bacon and a facet of fries, the temptation is tough to resist. For a gastronome like American state WHO dies for pizzas and burgers, a digital ad is convincing enough to position the order in an exceedingly second.
But wait! can you get an equivalent burger if it prices you the maximum amount as $3000 i.e. Rs a pair of lakhs approx? i assume no.

But.. If this same burger comes lidded with a 7/8 carat diamond band to form your Valentines Day the most effective ever, would you mind shopping for it? Well, you’ll provides it an idea a minimum of.

A edifice in Boston is serving precisely the same to form the Valentines Day special for the lovebirds and here’s however it’s like.
The handout of the edifice for the special V Day reads as-

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like Boston’s best burger lidded with a aristocrat cut ring framed by spherical diamonds on a band of 14k gold.”

Now that actually makes Rs a pair of lakhs worthwhile. Don’t you think?

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