How Much Wealth Sridevi Left For Her Family…

The much-loved celebrity was not just an actress but a star who had a celebrated career of around 50 years. In her career, she did total 300 films which is a wild milestone.

Sridevi who gave Hit films even in her last years was one of the highest paid actresses of her time i.e. 80’s and 90’s. Her magical charm, beauty and talent was a deadly combination. It was a huge driving factor for the audience in cinemas even in the time when male actors used to dominate the market.

Sridevi has left a legacy behind her. She was a superstar who had a net worth and property of total 247 crores.

Total Net Worth and Annual Income

As per FinApp, Sridevi used to make $2 million dollars i.e Rs 13 crores yearly through brand endorsements and other sources. Her net worth in the past few years had seen a growth of around 24%.


Sridevi was not really fond of cars but she had always bought luxury cars She was an owner of around 7 luxury cars which included a Bentley costing Rs.2 crores.


Her property included 3 bungalows which cost around Rs 62 crores.

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