Sehwag Score 62 Off 31 Balls in a match then Sourav Ganguly Praised Him

Virender Sehwag is Associate in Nursing knowledgeable once it involves Cricket and Twitter. you need to be thinking that he has lost those recent techniques and charm however no, it’s not so!
In a recent match that was compete between Shahid Afridi’s team and Sehwag’s team (8th February) in Switzerland, we tend to have to be compelled to see the sensible facet of Sehwag once more. This wasn’t a standard match however was Associate in Nursing ice match that was compete on a frozen lake there.
This match was compete between a pair of teams; Diamonds XI junction rectifier by Sehwag and Royals XI junction rectifier by Shahid Afridi. Sehwag was unstoppable as he scored a large sixty two off thirty one balls. even if the temperature was in minus, Sehwag didn’t shift his focus in any respect. Well, this was the primary fifty of Ice Cricket and that we square measure glad that the record went in Sehwag’s store.

On the terribly initial delivery by Shoaib Akhtar, Sehwag hit a boundary, thereby giving a subunit vasool moment for the audience. His score consisted of five sixes and four fours; fans couldn’t get their eyes off him.

Afridi’s team had got a target of a hundred sixty five runs and that they completed it swimmingly in initial fifteen overs itself.
After a large performance, Sehwag took to Twitter to specific his joy;
For Sehwag, even the not possible is feasible and that we have to be compelled to see a glimpse of a similar during this ice match.

It was robust to get even twenty runs in such a chilly condition, however Sehwag established that he’s simply very good. What does one say?

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