कातिलाना नज़रों के साथ KISS भी….

Priya became a web sensation thanks to her insidious wink. in exactly twenty four hours, she got one million followers on Instagram, a record that not even renowned actresses will beat.

She is ready to form her debut with Oru Aadaar Love, a Malayalam film. However, that thirty second video that was out that day dissolved hearts of virtually all the sakht laundas & brought a smile on their faces.

Priya Prakash even reacted to her fame and aforementioned that she ne’er expected individuals to shower such a lot love on her. In fact, it absolutely was a surprise for her , she’s not even having the ability to handle such a lot.

The video itself got several views in exactly one day; social media came up with varied screaming memes and trolls concerning Priya in addition as single guys.

While several square measure still not capable to manage themselves and square measure still light over her expressions, manufacturers of the picture show have discharged the official teaser.

In the teaser, Priya has yet again delivered the “Baap of all expressions” and has killed each guy along with her appearance

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